Something We All Need

We see a wide range of people in our clinic, who come to us with all sorts of different problems. These include back and neck pain, muscle strains, joint sprains, arthritic knee & hip pain, tendon pain…. The list is a long one and our job is to work out the best way to manage each case. Each treatment and management plan is unique to the individual concerned, but there is one element that everyone needs and this is exercise.

There is a growing amount of good scientific evidence, that points to how effective exercise is at improving and maintaining our health. The list of conditions that regular exercise can favourably impact on, is impressive and incredibly varied, from persistent back pain and arthritis, to diabetes, depression and chronic respiratory conditions. On this web site, we have links to health related resources ( One of these is a 5 minute video by an American Physician called Mike Evans. This video, called “Twenty Three and a Half Hours”,explains how exercise can significantly improve quality of life, and it gives details of how much and how often it needs to be performed. The good news is that the exercise doesn’t need to be too strenuous, nor too lengthy to have positive health effects. It just needs to be done regularly.

If you have a painful condition that has limited your ability to exercise, then you may need some assistance and guidance in selecting the most appropriate form of exercise for your particular needs. This is one of the key services that we provide at our clinic. We have also started to run regular exercise sessions in our practice. These sessions provide an opportunity to exercise under close supervision and to make sure that the quality, type, duration and intensity of the exercise is as effective and is as safe as possible.