Most of the people who come to our clinic have a problem with pain and for many people, the pain has been around for a considerable time. When dealing with cases of persistent and longstanding pain, our job is to work out what factors are causing and perpetuating the problem. As Physiotherapists, we are trained […]

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes a great deal of discomfort and nuisance to many everyday activities. This condition is also known as adhesive capsulitis, and the condition usually follows a pattern of pain and movement restriction that hangs around for many months. Frozen shoulder is most common in the over 40 age group […]

Tendons are the structures that connect muscles to bones and their job is to transmit force that produces movement and stability across joints. But tendons don’t just act like passive ropes. Tendons are able to store energy, which when released makes movement more efficient. For example, it has been estimated that the Achilles tendon provides […]